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MICE ( Meetings ( Corporate), Incentives, Conventions (Associations), Exhibitions

March 22, 2016


We help in assisting in the following requirements:-


  1. Board Meetings
  2. Management Meetings
  3. Shareholder Meetings
  4. Training Seminars
  5. Meeting with Partners, Suppliers and Clients
  6. Product Launches
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Retreats


  1. Incentive Trips

We help in  Incentive Decision Making

  • Incentive Budget Economy
  • Buying Power
  • Value
  • Uniqueness of experience


Meetings, Conventions are gatherings of people with common objectives, organized to exchange ideas, views and information of common interest to the group. An organization, usually an association, will organize a convention each year with a theme related to the organization’s topic. Those interested in registering for the convention can pay the association a fee for all the sessions, discussions, food and beverage, dinners, and site visits. The major differences between a meetings and conventions is that a convention:

□ Is a large event often lasting for several days and involving a social programme
â–¡ Is organized by associations:
o Professional and trade associations, e.g. the Dentist Association, Doctors Association
o Voluntary associations and societies
o Charities
o Political parties
â–¡ Usually conducted once a year
â–¡ Generates income for the association
â–¡ A long time is spent on selecting the site of the convention

Events ( Exhibitions)

A typical MICE event will have the following subcommittees to perform
different functions:
1. Program subcommittee
2. Social subcommittee
3. Registration and hotel and tour bookings
4. Publicity subcommittee
5. Sponsorship subcommittee
6. Printing and production

Program subcommittee
â–¡ An Example of a Setup Programme Structure:
• Opening ceremony
• Keynote presentation
• Plenary session
• Committee programs
• Breakout sessions
• Closing ceremony, if any
â–¡ Nominate guest of honour and speakers / call for paper
â–¡ Follow-up speakers with bios, photos and/or abstracts
â–¡ Fix the program rundown
â–¡ Protocol
â–¡ Security
â–¡ Invitation to VIPs
â–¡ Confirm venue setup, decoration and A/V requirements (on stage/off



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