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The view at The Palm in Dubai is nothing short of spectacular, offering an iconic panorama of this man-made marvel against the backdrop of the city's skyline. From elevated vantage points, visitors can marvel at the intricate palm-shaped archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, stretching into the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. As the sun sets, the Palm becomes a glittering oasis with its luxurious resorts, beachfront villas, and the world-famous Atlantis, The Palm resort lighting up the night. The expansive vistas showcase the seamless integration of architectural brilliance and natural beauty, providing a visual feast for those exploring the Palm by day or night. The scenic views from this artificial archipelago are a testament to Dubai's innovation and grandeur.


All days: 09:00 to 16:00 Hrs and 19:00 & 19:30 Hrs.

Self-Tour, exhibit area, immersive theater and access to viewing deck


Anything that is not mentioned above.

Terms & Conditions

This ticket is designated for personal use only, and any attempt to resell or commercially exploit it without prior written permission will result in immediate cancellation. I

t is only valid for the specific date and time indicated and will automatically expire thereafter, with no option for replacement, refund, or exchange.

Attendees must arrive 15 minutes before the stated time, as late arrivals will not be admitted.

The View disclaims any liability for loss, damage to personal property, or personal injury, and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Food and beverages are prohibited, and entry timings or ticket prices may be subject to change without notice.

Security checks, such as x-ray examinations and bag inspections, may be required for all visitors, and failure to comply could result in non-admission or removal from The View. Disruptive behavior that jeopardizes safety or the enjoyment of others will not be tolerated.

The responsibility for lost or stolen property is expressly excluded, and large bags and strollers must be stored in provided lockers.

The View is not accountable for inclement weather affecting visibility, and no refunds or rain checks are provided for terrace closures during severe weather.

Commercial use of photos or videos taken during the visit is not allowed, and the use of cameras or recording devices may be restricted at any time without notice.

On the terrace, it is strictly prohibited to place any items, including mobile phones and cameras, through the window panel gaps or hold them outside.

Items must be kept inside the designated terrace area at all times, and the entire experience is wheelchair accessible.

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