Dubai Holiday Packages

Package vacations, also referred to as tour packages or simply "tour" in the travel and tourism sector, can be either an escorted or unescorted package trip.
A tour package is a pre-planned, pre-paid trip that combines two or more types of travel, such as air travel, ground transportation, lodging, and other services. Practically speaking, it is difficult to describe the concept of a tour package.

Types of Tour Packages

In order to meet the diverse needs of tourists, a travel agency or tour operator deals with a variety of "tour packages,". Tours are available for adventure, beach, architecture, culture, business, conferences, incentive tours, ayurvedic packages, Buddhist, religious, special interest, cruise group tours, educational tours, heritage, monuments, wildlife lovers, etc. These are broadly categorized into 5 categories:

Independent Tour

For travellers that prefer to travel freely, independent tours are created. Air travel, air transfers, lodging, travel papers, sightseeing, boat rides, entertainment, and other travel services are all included in these excursions.
Tourists may, however, choose to buy each component separately in some circumstances. As a result, this kind of tour gives the tourists a great deal of leeway to organise the activities as they see fit.
It's possible for an independent trip to be all-inclusive or not. As a result, the cost of the tour varies according to the kind of air travel, air transfers, and lodging, as well as other tour elements. Examples of independent tours include foreign independent travel (FITs) and domestic independent travel (DITs).

Escorted Tour

The tour is referred regarded as an escorted tour when a travel firm incorporates the services of a knowledgeable and experienced tour manager in its package. Basically, escorted tours are designed for tourists who want to make their first trip to a new nation.
The escort's tasks and responsibilities include giving the group or individual traveller thorough information and help at the starting point, on the way, and at the final destination. Excursions or tours are an illustration of an escorted tour.

Hosted Tours

When one agency uses the services of another agency in a specific location, it is known as a hosted tour. Consider a trip to India by a group of French tourists. When the group lands in India, TCI meets them at the airport and helps them with luggage clearance and transportation to the hotel.
Their tour guide (TCI) is always hand to lend equipment and provide details regarding the nearby sites and entertainment. In addition, each tourist destination in India that the group visits is greeted by a different travel agency. Therefore, a hosted trip offers travellers the highest level of pre-planned and customised services.

Incentives for Travel/Tour

Employees receive a fully compensated vacation as a gift from their employers as part of a motivational programme. Most of them are in medium- and large-sized businesses and the locations are frequently too far away to encourage them to keep up their reputation, boost productivity, enhance their image, and win their workforce's long-term loyalty.
A tour operator may also provide various packages, including personalised tours, excursion tours, adventure tours, and special interest package trips.

Freedom Tours

The working class is currently particularly interested in freedom excursions. These itineraries are created based on the preferences of the travellers. The traveller is allowed to pick and select how they want to travel and take their vacations. These excursions are intended for those who prefer to choose their own travel itinerary, schedule, and destination.
An individual, family, group vacation for families, or group business trip could all be taken by this traveller.


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